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Our mission is to organize and educate socially minded individuals about how they can make a difference. Our goal is to help the social enterprises which you invest in create more sustainable solutions to improve our communities. We are volunteers, parents, community leaders, philanthropists, charitable foundations and socially responsible companies – a global network of Partners connecting passion and purpose. We can effectively achieve the changes we want to see by pooling together our time, talents, and funds.


By joining together and deepening our knowledge, we magnify our impact. There is so much potential in our communities and in our world. We need your help to unlock that greatness. As individuals it is difficult to make a difference, but working together, we have a reason to believe.


Like other SVP chapters and affiliates, PIN members (also called PIN Partners) believe that philanthropy should be more than just writing checks. SVP was built on a concept called “venture philanthropy” -- in which Partners pool their resources to give not only money, but also their collective time and talents. In this way philanthropy is effective, sustainable, and satisfying.


PIN is part of a new impact investing movement within SVP that utilizes many of the same principles of venture philanthropy. In addition to venture philanthropy, we focus on investing in for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises. We believe that people who want to improve social causes like education, health, and poverty relief should not restrict themselves solely to grantmaking to nonprofits. PIN’s goal is to find and support social change agents on the basis of their impact, not their tax status.

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