PIN Staff
Executive Advsory Board
Brad Dickson See LinkedIn Profile
Charlene Hyle See LinkedIn Profile
Louis Pope See LinkedIn Profile
Dr. Warner Woodworth See Wikipedia Page
Dr. Rick Nielson See LinkedIn Profile
Steve Curtis See LinkedIn Profile
Brent Andrewson See LinkedIn Profile
Jerry Garrett See Company Profile
Mike Winder See LinkedIn Profile
Kevin Simister See LinkedIn Profile
Diamond Sponsors
Larry Gelwix CEO Columbus Travel, former Rugby Coach Highland High - 18 National Championships - Inspiration for the movie: "Forever Strong"
SHarlene Wells Hawkes President RMS Productions, Former ESPN Reporter, Miss America 1985
PIN Staff
Curt Bassett
Executive Director, Purpose Investor Network CEO and Founder, Impact Investment Leaders
Chief Connecting Officer CEO Space is Utah State Director
Brent Israelsen
CEO, Gedih Network Senior Advisor, Impact Investment Leaders
Elise Bassett
Associate, Purpose Investor Network Freelance Web and Graphic Designer
Founding members
Brad and Janet Dickson Scott Hansen Chuck Hendrick Charlene Hyle Chuck Hyle Al Switzler
JOhn Unice and Jerry Garrett
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